The Argus Museum

Argus I Building

525 West William

Ann Arbor, Michigan  48103

Open Monday-Friday

9 am-5 pm

For more information contact:

Cheryl A. Chidester

Argus Museum Curator


The Argus Collectors Group

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Take a Virtual tour of the Argus Museum with
Curator Cheryl Chidester!


Watch the video for an insider's view of the Argus Museum, located in the historical building where the cameras were made.

The Argus Museum
has a new website -
The Argus Museum Collections
Database is Online


The Argus Museum features products manufactured by the Argus camera company and tells the stories of the company, the people involved and showcases unique collections connected to Argus.


The museum is housed in one of the facilities where Argus products were manufactured. The Museum has digitized their collection and made it available online. Check it out!

The mission of the Argus Museum is to collect and preserve Argus Camera Incorporated products (including those manufactured under its prior names), publications and history of the company and its employees, to research the products and the people who were involved in the development and manufacturing of these products, to ensure these collections are available for others to research, and to interpret and display the collections for public viewing to promote knowledge and appreciation of Argus.


To register for the Zoom event, please fill out the Gathering online registration form   We will be posting details on the Argus Museum Facebook page, on our website:  on the ACG list-serve (arguscg@groups.io) and on the ACG site:  The ACG is a great group to be involved in regardless of your Argus knowledge, or lack of it.

You are Invited to an Argus Collectors Group Event

Saturday March 6th from 4 to 6PM (EST)

Is the COVID winter blues getting you down? Do you miss the comradery of gathering with like-minded collectors/photographers/historians? If so, you’re going to want to join us for the 2021 Late Winter Argus Collectors Group (ACG)/Argus Museum Gathering!

The virtual event takes place Saturday, March 6, 4-6pm EST. The afternoon includes a tour of the almost-hidden Argus Museum’s offices and storage spaces. Wesley Furr (Bridgewater, VA), is the featured “Getting to know your Fellow ACGer”, and will share his lens collection (and whatever else he wants to talk about). A group presentation on the Model Forty Argoflex camera (1950-54) headlines the event. Participants are encouraged to have their Model Forty on hand to share with the group. Of course, there will be box lot auction donation of items you most definitely need! (Stay tuned for details.J


When you click on the link, and the Washtenaw County Historical Society - Argus Museum screen comes up, pull down the menu to choose the Argus Museum or the Argus Endowmwnr Fund.

2020 Argus Museum/ACG Virtual Conference - October 9 & 10


We’re excited about the lineup and think that there is something for everyone – presentations and discussions on a wide variety of topics, a museum tour, a photography competition (using Argus film cameras) and a glimpse of an Argus collector’s private collection. I hope you can join us – you’ll be glad that you did!

To register for the conference (using the Zoom platform); please fill out the Gathering online registration form. Before the event, you will be sent a Zoom link inviting you to attend .We will be posting details on the Argus Museum Facebook page, on the Argus Museum/WCHS website, the ACG website: www.arguscg.org and on the ACG list-serve arguscg@yahoogroups.com.

Be part of the conference – participate in “My Hometown seen through the Lens of an Argus Film Camera Competition”; Deadline to submit Wednesday, October 6*. Send your one submission for the competition to Wesley Furr at: wesley@megley.com. Voting will be conducted on the ACG website www.arguscg.org and will end at 3:00 PM October 10 EDT.