History of the Washtenaw
County Historical Society

Wall Street Journey

By Susan Wineberg

A Lower Town family's modest home solved the century-old search for a county historical museum. On Sunday, June 10, 1990 an early-morning jogger along the Huron River looked up in astonishment as he ran along the boardwalk beneath the Broadway bridge. There on the bridge, blotting out Detroit Edison's Argo substation beyond, loomed a white frame house. It was mounted on wheels and being pulled along by a snorting dump truck. More than 150 years after it was built, 1015 Wall Street was on the move.

By the 1890's, Charles G. Greiner, a gardener, was living in the house with members of his family. Mrs. Greiner is pictured here with her six daughters and the dog. The inside of the door leading to the attic has penciled on it: "Louise Greiner, Lillie, Mabel, Laura, Frieda, Ella, Pa G., Ma G., wrote this June 7, 1901." It appears that the house remained in the care of the Greiner children for most of the next century.

Crossing the Broadway Bridge to Main Street

Moving Day, June 1990
Over the Braodway Bridge
MoMS winter 2005
The Greiner Family at 1015 Wall Street
Planting the early gardens