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Take the Ann Arbor Bicentennial Quiz

Check back every week for 10 new questions, until we get to 200! This quiz was developed by the Ann Arbor Bicentennial History Subcommittee and other Ann Arbor Contributors.

What's Happening at The Museum on Main Street

When you come to the exhibit, check out the gorgeous garden and the recent exterior painting of the Museum. We are open on Saturdays and Sundays from 12 noon-5pm and weekdays by appointment. Call 734-662-9092 or email

Save these Sunday Dates for WCHS Fall Programs


September 15, 2-4 PM

Trolleys & Trains     Ann Arbor District Library Westgate, 2359 Oak Valley Dr.

There was a time in the late 1800s when light rail travel across Ann Arbor connected the city to other urban centers in the region. Presenter Ren Farley will take us on a journey of Ann Arbor’s early days of train tracks in the streets. Farley is a Research Scientist at the Population Studies Center and the Department of Sociology, Otis Dudley Duncan Professor Emeritus at the University of Michigan.


October 20, 2-4 PM

Historically Speaking: We Vote!    Hathaway’s Hideaway, 310 S. Ashley St., Ann Arbor

Many people will be heading to the polls to cast ballots on the Tuesday after the first Monday of November. Who picked that day in 1845, and why? That question and more will be answered about the history of voting roles, rights and responsibilities. It will be held in an historical building constructed in 1901 that was the polling place and meeting hall for Ann Arbor’s Second Ward. Presenters are Larry Kestenbaum, Washtenaw County Clerk and Bev Willis, WCHS Administrator.


ANN ARBOR’S STORY - The First 50 Years   If it takes a village to raise a child… what does it take to raise a village? Raising a village takes pioneers whose stories range from inspiring to mysterious, and heroic to heartbreaking. It takes settlers who build homes, operate farms, raise families and connect with each other to form communities. And it takes home-made items, businesses, and occupations that contribute to the quality of everyday life. In celebration of the Bicentennial, this exhibit looks at one of the most curious periods of Ann Arbor’s history: the first 50 years (1824-1874). Intriguing artifacts, objects, textiles, photos, and maps from the collection will be mixed with stories and more to show what life was like for the earliest residents.

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Your smartphone can give you access to fifteen self-guided online tours, each with its own theme. Each of the 177 tour sites includes a photograph and a narrative describing its significance to Ann Arbor. You are encouraged to spend the Bicentennial year visiting each site. Print a copy of the Tours Checklist to note each of your visits.

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The Bicentennial Victorian Tea at the Ann Arbor City Club

History enthusiasts are invited to savor a variety of teas, delicious light bites, and sweet treats on Sunday, April 21, from 2-4 PM at The Ann Arbor City Club,1830 Washtenaw Avenue. Justin Wetenhall, director of the Whaley Historical House Museum in Flint MI will present an entertaining and informative program.Seating is limited. Call 734-662-9092 or email for more information.


The Washtenaw County Historical Society was founded on December 17, 1857, when 19 citizens of Ann Arbor called for "a county convention for the purpose of forming a County Historical Association" to be composed of anyone from the townships who cared to attend. 165 years later, the WCHS exists to educate and inspire our community to engage in the preservation and presentation of area history.

Donate, Join, Renew - This Work Really Needs You!

THE WCHS appreciates the support of members and donors. Collecting, preserving and exhibiting local history takes a community of people who care about our present and future.


Washtenaw County Historical Society

PO Box 3336

Ann Arbor, MI 48104

The Museum on Main Street

500 N. Main Street

Ann Arbor, MI 48104


Open Saturdays & Sundays

12 Noon - 4 pm

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